Dressings On the time of New year

On the festival of new year everyone wants to wear the new dresses . On this festival mostly the childs use to wear the dress which they like so much. Mostly the peoples are visiting the markets when the new year will coming. Mostly peoples wanted to wears the dresses of different colors on the new year. Usually peoples wear the dresses of that color which can match with their country,s flag color. For example in Pakistan Mostly the peoples wanted to wear the green color on the eve of new year. It does not mean that the peoples just wear the dresses of that colors which are same to their country,s flag color. There are also many peoples who wear the dresses of their own choice. On this event peoples wanted to change their environment atmosphere therefore they wanted to go at different places. Most of peoples wanted to go at the functions of the new years and some who don,t like to go at the place where there are many traffic of peoples they go at the hotels with their families and enjoy the dinner at the new year eve. Everyone wants to enjoy,s the new year eve on as themselves want.

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