New year Cultural celebrations

There are many cultural socities are living at the same time in the same areas of world . They have different religious views as well as they have many different ways to celebrate their occasions . Some peoples enjoy their new year by doing different kinds of activities. Most of peoples enjoy their new year by doing lightning and many peopels do different activities such as dances, sing songs, and doing many other activities. As we know that there are different communities lives in an region. So they in different communities some of the peoples do their own regional dance and sing their own regional songs and give performances on the new year eve. In Some big places the ceremony of the new years the special programs are held at night. In which many peoples from that area has been invited as in the Pakistan there are many functions are held at the day of new years.
Many peoples from different areas are gathered in the specific area and do the lightning. These peoples included the peoples of every age.It includes childrens as well as elders. These celebrations are viewed by all of the world through the internet access.

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